Norml Brand Solar Collection

Solar Collection - Norml Brand

With the Lunar collection behind us, the Solar collection is just on the horizon.

This follow-up collection cleanly wraps this entire theme together extremely well. From the Orbital Longsleeve to the Dad Hat, everything has been embellished with embroidery and print that is following a Wireframe/Vaporwave aesthetic. I personally think it’s a great blend of artistry, and is a nice contrast to the almost hand-drawn style of the Lunar collection. I’m always excited to see what Norml has been doing with each collection, and it’s awesome to see this idea come full circle.

As of now, we have a size avaliable for everyone. Go and check out the collection yourself, and support #FreerunningFashion!

- Brian Dorn (@brian.dorn_)

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Solar Collection



Nate Weston NormL Brand Orbit Shirt Hat Solar Collection
Nate Weston in the Orbital Longsleeve and the Dad Hat
Alfie Green Norml Brand Solar Collection Solar Tee
Alfie Green in the Solar Tee
NormL Brand Solar Tee Yellow
An up-close look at the front of the Solar Tee