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Here you can find all the answers - and if not, you can find a contact field at the bottom of the page. We are happy to answer everything that's on your mind. We are even more happy about any kind of feedback!

Shop FAQs

About how we ship

We use DHL parcel and World Letter to ship your orders, you can choose that in checkout. We usually need about 1 day until your order is shipped, sometimes a bit longer because we can't do this project on full-tim (at least if you dont want to pay our rent :P).

DHL Parcel

DHL Parcel is the more expensive and safer way: Insured and with good tracking. Tracking informations will be sent by DHL, usually about 1-3 days after your order.

World Letter

The World Letter is the cheaper option. It usually needs a little longer and is not insured, the tracking is there but we will only use it when the order doesn't arive in time since its a hustle to do it. We are working on sending it directly to you though.


Parcel might sometimes be a little faster, but all in all there is no big difference between both methods.

  • Countries around Germany: 4-7 working days
  • Europe: 4-10 working days
  • Rest of the world: 7-14 working days + 1-18 days customs (Time depends A LOT on country and the mood of the person in charge...)
For Germany

4,60€. We only send with DHL Parcel in Germany.

World Letter:
  • Worldwide (under 500g): 5,7€
  • Worldwide (under 1000g): 9,63€
  • Austria: 6,50€
  • Switzerland: 12,50€
  • Sweden: 12€
  • Other EU: 11,50€
  • World: 10€ - 25€

A precise list with all the countries can be found under Payment and Dispatch.

We don't require any special form or something. Just include a paper having the most important informations on it:

  • Full Name
  • Order number or mail address
  • Instructions (Reason of the return and what we should do (Send another item? Refund?)

Important: We do not take unpaid sendings! Those are really, really expensive and we can't pay that. We will obviously refund you the shipping if it was our fault. Suitable is world letter or similar.

Ringstraße 19
61194 Niddatal

We take:
  • Bank Transfer (T/T) (You transfer -> We ship)
  • PayPal
  • SEPA
  • Credit Card
  • Invoice (We ship -> You pay after delivery, not available for every country)
  • Klarna / Sofort- Überweisung (Germany and Austria)

Our bank details (for bank transfer):

Reason: Your order number (confirmation mail oder your account)
Name: R.Schepanski u. V.Huwer GbR
Bank: Fidor Bank
IBAN: DE37 7002 2200 0020 1641 31

New: You can now also transfer via - Just send the money to Please write a mail to us afterwards to let us know! (Contact form below)

Our funds are limited, so we can't stock everything. If you would like to see a brand or a certain product on the shop please write us!

Just write us a mail with the contact form below :) Don't forget to include your order number!

Project FAQs

We are René and Valentin, two students from Frankfurt, Germany. We love our sport, the culture and the worldwide community. We study marketing (René) and coding (Valentin). Although we do the main work, the project would not be alive without the amazing people who helped where they could. Special thanks go to:

  • Ute (tax stuff)
  • Emanuel & Moritz (Instagram)
  • Jan (Server & Web Developement)
  • Luca (Content creation)

More about us and the project on the "About Us" page.

There often seem to be misconceptions about this term, so let's make it clear: "non profit" does NOT mean, that we sell everything for the price we boguht it, although we are pretty close to that when taking tax, import and shipping costs in calculation. "non prorit" means, that we don't pay ourselves with the money that is left over. We use 100% of that money for our projects. E.g. to bring our scaffolding to jams, to do our competitions, to sponsor athletes and so on.

We often see little jams struggle with organizing. It can be hart to think of everything and to get everything right if you are not used to organize. We can't organize your jam, but what we do is to lend our equipment for free, talk to the city council for event areas and approval, see if we can get needet things from rentals and so on. We do not take money for this service and we can not do it when both of us are in exam phase or something.

Sure you can, thanks for asking! We don't really have time to do a lot of marketing next to running the shop. So how you can help us the most is to spread the word and tell others of the project or give us a share on facebook. We also really appreciate feedback to the site and your ideas and thoughts about the project.

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