Programs and Projects

ParkourStore started as a community project and we want it to remain as one. The whole thing would not be possible without the help that we have received from the community. For us, ‘community project’ means that we try to support, interact and work with the community in everything we do. Money that is left over from selling clothes flows back into our community projects, such as helping us sponsor upcoming athletes, support jams and organize competitions. Here is an overview of our programs. Obviously, our funds are limited and we try to distribute them as useful as we can. If you have feedback on what we do or ideas on what we could do, write us a mail, or on Facebook or Instagram!

Jam Support

Jam Support Image

Everyone who's been involved in the organization of a jam knows how hard it can be to communitcate with the city, to get all the obstacles together, to get food and accomodation right. Obviously, we can not organize you jam, but we can help you make it. The Jam Support program is meant for small and medium sized jams. We lend our Bar Setup for free, support you with Equipment and connect to the right people if you need extras like promo material or thing like airtracks or fluffies. Of cause, we do not take many for that service. Currently, we are working on Jam-Packs as an easy and customizable way to help jams. Including entry bands, signs, chalk & tape and other thing. If you have more ideas, send us a message! Interested? Write us a mai! Here is a video from a jam we visited (We can't visit every jam we support, but when we have the time, we do)

Sponsored Athletes

We sponsor a small team of upcoming athletes athletes. We try to help them to live their dream, visit jams and travel. For example, the Eurotour 2018 is supported by ParkourStore. Our athletes on the other hand provide you with sick content. They are also involved in the store, in organisation and decision making.

Signature Jam

The Signature Jam is our very own jam, happening every Spring in the middle of Germany.
- This site is in progress, we will need until the end of July to transfer all the content from the old website to the new one -

Creative Photo Competition

Coming Soon!

Content Creation

We create content with our athletes and other freerunners. Blogs, tutorials, trainings videos and more. We will transfer the content of the old site in the following weeks and then start to release fresh new content.