All you need for a decent session and a good recovery. Believe us, when you bring chalk to a bar session you are everyones favorite. Don't like dust? We got that liquid chalk and crème chalk, too. Blackrolls for your muscle recovery, RipFix crème for your rip recovery. Tape to quick-fix rips and little wounds.

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  1. Kletter Retter

    Rip Fix Handcreme 30 ml
  2. Kletter Retter

    Chalk Ball 75g refillable
  3. Kletter Retter

    Tape 15mm x 10m
  4. Blackroll

    Blackroll Set
  5. Kletter Retter

    Tape 50mm x 10m
  6. Kletter Retter

    Liquid Chalk 200ml
  7. Kletter Retter

    Chalk 200g
  8. Kletter Retter

    Creme Chalk 150ml
  9. Blackroll

    Blackroll Standard black
  10. Blackroll

    Blackroll Pro
  11. Blackroll

    Blackroll Mini
  12. Blackroll

    Blackroll grove pro
  13. Blackroll

    Blackroll DuoBall
  14. Blackroll

    Blackroll Ball

Items 1-16 of 18

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Set Descending Direction

Kletterretter Produkte

Pimp your Bar Game

Never slip on a bar again, make your rips heal faster or cover them with tape for more training. Here you can find all kinds of chalk (basically all doing the same), tapes and the famous RipFix creme.

Blackroll products

Foam Rollers for your Muscle Health

Increasy your flexibility, strength and muscle health by treating them with our pro-sports approved foam rollers. Used by NBA basketball teams, football athletes and many olympic athletes.