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It took us two years to find the right suppliers and an insurance that was willing to cover us - But now we can finally present it to you: Simple Cube scaffoldings, our solution for affordable bar sets and parkour parks. Simple to set up, no foundation needed, almost no limits in customization, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and never ending possibilities for your training. If you happen to have any questions or requests for customization just drop us a line in the contact form at the bottom of this page - More infos -

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3 Items

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Set Descending Direction

The Simple Cube Principle

Malleable Cast Iron Connectors

The rail connectors are made of robust malleable cast iron and allow individualisations in almost every way. We can also send you additional connectors, e.g. to connect the cube to something or to build a platform.

Galvanised Rails

With 3,2 mm thick wall thickness, these rails are extremely resilient. Also, they are weatherproof and stainless.

Indoor and Outdoor

The horizontal bars and parkour setups are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. You can use them in your garden, your living rom or your gym.

No Foundation Needed

All setups are portable, and stability is solely based on weight and form. That means, you don't need to dig or to do a foundation. Just set it up and start training!

Quickly Dismantled

You need your garden for a party? No problem, you can dismantle the setup any time. You can store the setup in some corner within a few minutes (obviously depending on the size).

Extremly Versatile

The setups are extremely versatile. You can train on them for years and still find new challenges (trust us, we do every day). There are millions of possibilities.

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