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Team Farang is one of the pioneers in the sport, they were one of the first major freerunning groups. Jason Paul and Anan Anwar are two of the founders of team Farang. Jason has been doing parkour before parkour as a thing to most people, he started in 2005 training with some friends and getting inspired by some French guys jumping on roofs. Over the years Farang collected many awesome athletes from all over the world to represent their brand, their team consists of 6 people at the moment, their latest addition to the team was Valtteri Luoma-Aho.

Founded in: 2011, Based in Bangkok, Current Members: Jason Paul, Anan Anwar, Pasha Petkuns, Zen Shimada, Dominic Di Tomaso, Valtteri Luoma-Aho

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  1. Farang Clothing

    Essential Pin Set
  2. Farang Clothing

    Make Good Shit Notebook
  3. Farang Clothing

    The Boss Shorts
  4. Farang Clothing

    The Boss Tee Red
  5. Farang Clothing

    The Boss Tee Yellow
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    Massive Logo Shorts
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    Essential Tanktop
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    Globe Hat
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    Division Tanktop
  10. Farang Clothing

    Division Tee black & white
  11. Farang Clothing

    Simplicity Sticker Pack
  12. Farang Clothing

    Border Harem Pants
  13. Farang Clothing

    Discretion Sweater
  14. Farang Clothing

    Altitude Harem Pants
  15. Farang Clothing

    Wrap Poncho
  16. Farang Clothing

    Worldwide Sweater Black

Items 1-16 of 33

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