Farang Clothing

Farang Clothing

Team Farang is one of the pioneers in the sport, they were one of the first major freerunning groups. Jason Paul and Anan Anwar are two of the founders of team Farang. Jason has been doing parkour before parkour as a thing to most people, he started in 2005 training with some friends and getting inspired by some French guys jumping on roofs. Over the years Farang collected many awesome athletes from all over the world to represent their brand, their team consists of 6 people at the moment, their latest addition to the team was Valtteri Luoma-Aho.

Founded in: 2011, Based in Bangkok, Current Members: Jason Paul, Anan Anwar, Pasha Petkuns, Zen Shimada, Dominic Di Tomaso, Valtteri Luoma-Aho

                Motus Projects

The Motus Project

The Motus Projects is a UK based clothing brand that strongly believes in the unity of the parkour community. Their mission is to support the growth of our community through funding community projects, events, and sponsoring upcoming athletes through the sales of high-quality streetwear for the sport. Every Motus collection has a certain subject. Weather it is inspired by classic parkour motives like the Origins collection or going for good street fashion like the ATO collection - You are safe to wear this in your training or regular outfit.

Norml Brand

Norml Brand

Norm*L Brand is a clothing brand based out of the U.K, made for freerunners by freerunners. Since 2011 Norm*L Brand has been producing clothing that is fashionable for both freerunners and non-freerunners alike, while still remaining functional enough for training. Through the sales of high-quality garments, they support some amazing yet underrated athletes from around the world.



JIYO is a denmark based brand and team, founded in 2002 and operating worldwide. Although they exist for quite a time now, they've gained most of their fame over the last few years. They got some of the strongest athletes in the world - and some of the most popular parkour shoes. The brands "Free to Move" philosophy shows in the name already: "JIYO" derived from chinese / japanese buddhism and stands for "To use yourself". JI means self, and YO means to use. In Japanese JIYO spoken translates to "Freedom"

Brewman Logo


Brewman is a team from England, consisting of a bunch of young but powerful athletes. They've got well known for their athletic skill and also their cinematic edits.

Krap Logo


One of the oldest brands out there. Krap is based in intaly and mainly known for their big pants and sick jams, happening at least twice a year (Krap Invaders Summer and Krap Invaders Winter).

Simple Cube Logo

Simple Cube

It took us two years to find the right suppliers and an insurance that was willing to cover us - But now we can finally present it to you: Simple Cube scaffoldings, our solution for affordable bar sets and parkour parks. Simple to set up, no foundation needed, almost no limits in customization, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and never ending possibilities for your training. If you happen to have any questions or requests for customization just drop us a line in the contact form at the bottom of this page - More infos -

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