About ParkourStore

The Mission

Our mission is to create a place for parkour fashion, to make it accessible and help it grow and develop. If you are a freerunner - why not buy your clothes from a team or parkour brand instead of from some generic company? Whithout a retailer, it is fairly inconvenient and expensive to do so. We are changing that.

Our Story

In 2016 Valentin and Rene, the founders of ParkourStore, saw a problem in the parkour fashion scene that they set out to fix. With a rise in the parkour fashion scene, the amount of places to buy high-quality and fashionable clothing has quickly increased over the past few years. Many people are buying a piece of clothing here, and a piece of clothing there. As you may know or have experienced yourself, things will start to get real expensive really quickly. Ordering from multiple brands from different countries causes us to shell out a ton of cash for the high shipping costs and customs fees. Through this, the idea of ParkourStore was born. We truly have a thriving fashion scene that keeps pushing the boundaries with every new collection released. How can you help such a scene to develop? You can give it a place to be more accessible, and to let it grow.

ParkourStore started as a community project and we want it to remain as one. The European site would not be possible without the help that we have received from the community. For us, ‘community project’ means that we try to support, interact and work with the community in everything we do. Money that is left over from selling clothes flows back into our community projects, such as helping us sponsor upcoming athletes, support jams and organize competitions.

To this day, we have never pocketed any of the profit from the our store. It’s not like this is what defines us, or that we are so merciful doing it that way, it just feels good to do something for the only reason that you love doing it. It is obvious that people need money to live, but at this time everyone who spends a good time of the day on the project does not depend on an extra income. We like to be completely transparent in how we work, so if anything changes in our non-profit policy, we will exactly state how and why. In the future, as we finish college (or our parents throw us out and we need to pay rent… ) we may end up using the store to support ourselves and the rest of the team while keeping our projects (such as the jam support program, competitions or sponsorings) and content (such as interviews with different athletes, frequent blog posts on community events and news, more high-quality videos) flowing back into the community. The store is not build like a corporation, it’s built as a big team of freerunners working together. So the day we start using some of the money, everyone in the team will be paid on the same basis. But until then, 100% of the earnings flow back into this community project.

The Team

When it says “we“ in this text, a lot of people are meant: There is Rene and Valentin, who started this project and still do all of the organizing and currently dedicate all of their time to the project. But there also are a whole lot of people who steadily work with us, and without them this project would have failed for certain. These are people who help us with taxes, our web servers, creating content or who are just promoting the project. There are too many to list them all.

We are a team of people from all over the world, what connects us is the passion for movement. (maybe except for Rene’s mama, who is helping with taxes). As stated in our policy: If we start to pay anyone, then everyone in the team, including Valentin and Rene, will be paid equally. This and more is stated in our principles.

Valentin Huwer
Organisation and Website

Rene Schepanski
Organisation and Logistik

Luca Beaufort
Marketing and Content Creation

Jan Larwig
Server Management

Lucas Siehl
Content Creation

Julius Klein
Model and Shootings

Emanuel Klein

Kevin Franzen

Ute Schepanski
Tax and Accounting

Brian Dorn
Texts and Product Descriptions

Our Principals

1) We support, interact and work with the community in everything we do.

The store began as a community project and it will remain one. That means:

  • We work with people from the community
  • We only support Parkour Brands that come from the community and decline brands that just want to use the market
  • We support the community with our projects

2) We try to be as sustainable as possible

  • We compensate all CO2 emissions we cause with myclimate.org
  • We use recycled packaging
  • When it comes to equipment, we try to sell products from regional companies

3) 100% of the earings flow back into the community

...And even if we need to start paying ourselves, the projects will always continue. Also, everyone in the team will be paid on an equal basis.